Friday, December 16, 2011

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

 When you look good, you feel good!  

Those words were lovingly said by Shirleen, an amazing nurse at the Levine Children's Hospital Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.  Shirleen, baby Scottie, and all the other precious babies and their families who called the Levine NICU their home for a time, inspired us to help spread cheer where it was needed.  While trying to come up with a meaningful way to impact those babies and families, we realized how incredibly small we felt.  How could we possibly come up with something that would mean anything when the only wish was for a miracle.  From personal experience, we understood that no gesture is too small in a time of need.  We also understood that splashes of cheer were not always in sight in the NICU.  A NICU baby's closest neighbor is often the machine that is keeping her a live until she has grown enough strength to do it on her own.  A NICU baby's best outfit is often a sterile white blanket.  So we took nurse Shirleen's words to heart and decided to help the babies feel good.  Using fabrics from our collections, we created soft colorful blankets to brighten their beds and hopefully their days.  All babies visiting the Levine NICU will have their day brightened by one of the blankets pictured above.  It was a heartfelt day when we delivered over 1,000 of these blankets to the Levine NICU.  It is our wish that all babies everywhere feel enveloped in love and cheer.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Spring 2012 Collection: A Sneak Peek! 

We had the privilege of working with Heather Rasmussen during our photo shoot for the Spring 2012 collection.  Heather is an amazing photographer inspired by motherhood and her love for storytelling through the lens.  Addie and Ella had so much fun working playing with Heather, who kept the girls motivated to keep on going until the last outfit was shot.  We can't wait to share all the pictures with you via facebook.  Until then, check out how Heather captured the essence of our Spring 12 line at

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The "Suri Cruise" Jacket

The reception to our Fall line has been incredible and we have you to thank!  We can't wait to see pictures of your girls wearing Addie & Ella this fall, so please be sure to tag us on facebook.  Typically, it is difficult for us to play favorites but we cannot deny that we do indeed have a favorite this Fall!  The "Suri Cruise" tweed jacket has been receiving a lot of attention, many orders, and so much love.  This coat was given this celebrity child's name by so many of you that we too have to call it just that.  We also think Suri Cruise would look fabulous in this jacket and would love it as much as we all do!  So, if any of you know Suri and her mom Katie, please let her know that we have the "Suri" jacket for her to wear this Fall!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wardrobe Assistant

A sundress or shorts?  Ballet flats or sandals?  Lace tank or ruffle tunic?  Capris or skort?  Headband or bow?  These are just some of the decisions that go on each morning of a girl's life.  Breakfast has not even been put on the table yet, metaphorically and literally!  No matter how you prepare her the night before, somehow the menu changes in the morning.  If you have a daughter like Addie (and Ella), you know exactly what I am talking about.  Mornings are not easy!  And truth be told, I am guilty of creating this beast, as she has watched me carefully select her outfit each day of her life.  By the age of two, I was being pushed aside to the position of wardrobe assistant.  The privilege of styling Addie was taken away: Addie came out of diapers and I was handed my demotion.  My job has since been merely handing clothes upon hangers to her and opening drawers.  On an average morning, I show her at least five options which are hung and rehung again and again.  There is a debate about the day's weather, the activities, her mood.  The phrase "I am not in the mood to wear that" has been uttered countless times.  My efforts to slip in one of my favorites have all gone awry.  Addie spots the unsolicited shirt and quickly states her disapproval.  In my effort to win back my position as master styler, I tell Addie stories of how I always wanted a little girl to dress.  Addie's reply is always short but with a sweet smile, "Mom, you can pick out whatever you want in a few days".  The few days rarely come but it's okay, as we are spending precious time together each morning.  Since they do grow up entirely too quickly, I will cherish all the moments she still willingly allows me in her room (including when the final selection is something completely mismatched).

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mothering a Business

Having a business is a lot like having a child, so it's a good thing we have made them all interrelated!  We are both mothers and own a business in the children's market, so essentially we are in the business of children 24/7 and then some!  
We have all experienced the proverbial toddler who follows you around just to make her tantrum known. The minute you walk away, you hear screaming running in your direction only to throw herself under your next step.  How could so much noise come out of such a little body is what you find yourself asking.  The next question is how do I make it stop?  
A business screams just as a toddler might and even knocks you off your feet.  Just when you think all is calm and orderly, the screaming begins.  Unlike a toddler, walking away is not the cure.  With a business, it is important to pick it up, sooth it immediately and give it what it wants.
Children and business both challenge you to reroute yourself, to expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst, and embrace the best.  Milestones are reached when raising both and with each new milestone attained, new challenges arise.  
Motherhood has prepared us for the business world.  With both, we have shared many sleepless nights, joys, tears, and frustrations.  We have studied, networked, thrown out plans, made new plans, sacrificed, invested, listened to the screams, and come up with solutions.  Flexibility and determination to succeed are required in both business and in motherhood.  
And so we would like to thank our children, Addie, Ella, Carson, and Scottie for teaching us that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible.  Lastly, we would like to thank our fifth child, Addie & Ella, for making us stronger mothers, friends, and business owners.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

It is hard to always live in the moment!

While most of us are juggling Summer 11, we are juggling this Summer, Fall AND Spring/Summer 2012 !  And while most of us think each season goes by entirely too quickly, we REALLY feel the rush!  In the midst of shipping out Spring/Summer merchandise, our minds are leaping ahead.  We have lived with the current season's designs for almost a year and quite frankly, we are ready to move onto the next collection.  Designing for the following Spring/Summer season begins during the current season.  With the rush of shipping out orders, comes the rush of transferring designs from thoughts to paper.  Our first Spring season did so incredibly well and we do not want to be a one-hit wonder.  We listened to customers and incorporated their feedback into the next season's designs.  Spring/Summer 2012 is as real to us now as it will be to you next year.  Our designs have been done, and redone, and done again and again.  And we are EXCITED!  Spring/Summer 2012 will bring some back some of our most loved designs, as well as introduce new pieces that are guaranteed to create a buzz.  Buyers for stores will soon see samples of our carefully designed collection, as the Spring/Summer 2012  markets begin in August.  As for the customer, you still have Fall 2011 to look forward to!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

These Boots Were Made For Docking!

Since the pictures tell all, I don't really need to tell you how excited Addie was to be in her "Addie & Ella" outfit!  Spring weather visited in the South, before all the rain began, and Addie put together this ensemble all on her own.  I would have to say she selected the perfect outfit to go with those perfect pink cowboy boots!  I would have been all over those boots too at the age of five.  Looks like Addie thinks they are the perfect dock shoes too!  I have a feeling the next look will be a bathing suit with the same cowboy boots!  These boots were made for docking...


Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Do They Think About "On the Job"?

In case anyone was wondering what Addie and Ella think about while "working" for their moms, the answer lies within the picture.  While they do have fun in front of the lens, numerous wardrobe changes can make for a whiny afternoon.  Admittedly, there are bribes behind the scenes!  At least the girls accept candy (and clothes) as payment and do not demand the greenbacks...YET!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blame it on the Bunny

At precisely midnight, my five year old came trotting heavy footed into my bedroom.  The sound of fear could be heard even through my earplugs.  Without thought, I took the silencers out of my ears while Addie's face met mine, nose to nose.  "Mom, I am scared" she said.  Her voice sounded panicked.  I imagined if I could hear her heart, it would sound like she just ran a one minute mile.  "What happened, did you have a bad dream?" I asked.  Addie replied with question after question:  How does he get into the house?  Is the door locked downstairs?  Will he come into my room?  Does he talk?  How big is he?  

I pulled back the covers and planned to wait until she fell asleep to carry her back to her room.  After an hour, I carried a very awake child back to her own bed.  There, she grabbed my arm and said, "You can't leave me, the Easter Bunny might be downstairs!"  So, as any mom would do for a frightened child, I climbed into her bed.   Finally, after two hours of trying to sneak out of her bed, I climbed back into my own bed next to my husband who remained naive to all the excitement.  At some point I fell back to sleep.  It felt like it was under a minute before I was woken up with the words "Come on mom, come on!"

The Easter Bunny is mysterious.  There are a lot of unanswered questions about him.  Questions that pop into the mind of a five year old as she tries to sleep.  The Easter Bunny is not as "known" as Santa.  Addie went to sleep on Christmas Eve and never awoke once.  She even convinced herself that she got up to greet Santa and had a snack with him during his visit. Santa feels more familiar, since there are so many stories and movies about what he is like, how he gets the presents under the tree, makes the toys, and even how his laugh sounds.  He is relatable.  He is not a large rabbit who may or may not talk.  As Addie said on Easter morning as she looked at an egg hidden high upon a shelf, "Wow, the Easter Bunny must be tall!"  Yes, he could be tall, but that is all she really knows about him.  There is always fear of the unknown.  The questions faded with the morning light and were not asked again.  I remember as a kid, I really did not want to know all the answers because maybe I would hear an answer I wasn't ready to hear.  Until the sun fully shines on the subject of EB, I will continue to thank him for my sleepless Easter Eve's!  At least there are abundant jelly beans to keep me going!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Rainy Plays

Perhaps you had an upbringing that was unstructured enough to allow for certain freedoms.  When you awoke to the sound of rain dancing on the roof, you began to dance yourself.  Your performance required no rehearsal, as it had been done time and time again.  Reaching back into the coat closet, you found your beloved rain boots and raincoat and no, they were not too small like they would be for most.  Unlike most kids, they were not hand-me-downs.  Your rain boots fit just as well as your new school shoes.  And when you finished putting your raincoat on, on the way to the backdoor, you could barely contain yourself.  The only objection your mom would shout was, "Hey, put your hood up!"  Out the door you flew and the choreography began, with the birds as your chorus.  Spinning and stomping, dancing and and laughing.  You looked up with a great big smile that eagerly caught drop after drop.  Little eyes peered out of neighboring windows, wishing they too were granted such a great freedom.  

Then one day, there were no rain boots at the back of a closet.  There were no requests for a new rain coat. Rainy day dances turned into rainy day doldrums.  When you were asked to put the garbage out in the rain and you finally did, you looked down so not to get a drop on your face.  You grew up.

Addie and Ella would like to say, let your little one go out for some rainy play.  It may seem like a big deal to you, but it is an even bigger deal to the one holding rain boots.  Freedoms like these create lasting memories.  The ones we could only be so lucky to have, to travel to on a rainy day.

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Story about the Real Addie and Ella

When Addie and Ella hear a new package has arrived containing samples of clothing bearing their name, shrieks and giggle abound!  "Open it, open it" they say while bouncing around.  Once they finally stand still long enough to actually try something on, collectively they run away as fast as they know how when they spy the lens of the camera pointing their way.  As Addie once said, "I only like seeing my pictures in magazines.  I don't like doing the modeling part".   This quotation comes from the girl who also coined "When I grow up, I don't want to work because it takes too long".   The pictures that are finally captured do tell the story of two girls who actually like having their picture taken more than they realize.  From their mom's own lens, the one within watching the beautiful chaos of trying to capture a five year old and a three year old, something else is being captured.  Addie and Ella have no idea, as it is not something they can put into words.  A beautiful, caring, pure friendship is forming.  Naturally.  Like the one their own mothers share.  Undirected hugs and kisses take place in between shots that become shots, hands are held, laughter pours out like rain from the sky on a sunny day.  Whispers are heard like a faint wind.  They chat with each other, just like their moms do.  When a beautiful friendship is shared, it is even more beautiful and touching to see your children develop that same bond.  Addie and Ella are more than just two names united on a label, they are united in heart and spirit.  

Monday, February 21, 2011

Smarty Mom: Meghan Hampton

Smarty Mom: Meghan Hampton

Click link above for the full article located at Charlotte Smarty Pants.  Here is an excerpt:

You have a clothing line called Addie & Ella? Where did you and your Partner (Mai-Lis Bahr) find inspiration for creating this line, how did you get started and where can we buy these AWESOME pieces? 
We really started it with an idea to help moms out with droolers. We both had kids who drooled so much and their clothes were always soaked down to their chest. We thought if there was a way to have removable collars that looked like they were part of the outfit but kind of acted like a bib then our mommy woe would be fixed. We had a few samples made and next thing we knew we were dealing with manufacturing plants on other continents. Our line has grown so much from then. It has been a steep learning curve with some bumps, but along the way but it has had a tremendous response. We are really proud of it. I am blessed with the most amazing partner. I can honestly say, we are still going strong because of her. We will be in Shower Me With Love with our Spring/ Summer collection and over 50 boutiques primarily throughout the Southeast.

You used “Cottie & Cake” as the charity division associated with your clothing line? Tell us about it. 
We really wanted our company to give back in some capacity but we were not sure which charity we wanted to partner with. After spending 10 weeks in the NICU at The Levine Children’s Hospital, it felt so natural to find a way to give back to them. During our stay, I had the most amazing nurses and they took such pride in dressing the babies and making sure that their isolettes looked a cheerful as possible. We decided to use fabrics from our collections to create soft and colorful blankets to help brighten the unit for babies and their loved ones. We have 1,400 being shipped in the next few months. Scottie’s primary nurse lived by the motto that “when you look good, you feel good”. It is our hope that we can make as many babies look good so they can feel good on their road to recovery.

Tell us about the Charity event you are organizing centered around the NICU and how can our readers get involved?
“In the NIC of Time” is the first local charity event to raise money specifically for the Neonatal Intensive Care at Levine Children’s Hospital. They do such amazing work everyday and truly make miracles happen. There are 7 of us working to make this event come to life along with two incredible event planners from Carolina’s Healthcare Foundation. This is the first of what we hope will be a yearly event. It is going to be an amazing event with great entertainment at the Duke Mansion on June 2nd. If anyone has been touched by NICU experience or just wants to get involved, they can contact Sheri Joseph, see contact info below.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cottie & Cake

Meet Scotlynn (aka Scottie or "Cottie")!  Scottie was born on June 2, 2010, ten weeks premature.  Her identical twin Katelynn (aka "Cake") became her personal angel at birth. Scottie spent ten weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte, NC.  With the most incredible care, Scottie was able to come home healthy.

This profound experience inspired us to give back to this wonderful hospital and their remarkable team.  Therefore, a portion of our proceeds are donated to "Cottie and Cake", a division of our company dedicated to lifting the spirits of babies in the NICU.  Using fabrics from our collections, we create soft colorful blankets to brighten the unit for babies and their loved ones.  As Scottie’s amazing nurse Shirleen said, "When you look good, you feel good!"  It is our hope that we make as many babies look good so they can feel good.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fall Ahead with Addie & Ella by PDT Couture

We have been very busy designing and perfecting the Fall 2011 line over the last several months!  Admittedly, we are super excited to show you how all the textures, colors, and construction come together!   "Addie & Ella by PDT Couture" will showcase at the Atlanta Apparel Market, February 3rd!  Our inspiring and yummy Fall 2011 line will be available in the showroom of Miss Harriett & Co. 

We hope to see you soon!


Mai-Lis & Meghan

Owners and Designers

New Year, New Blog!!

Paper and pen, whimsical fabrics and threads, ribbon and needles- so goes the beginning of our beautiful story.  Like most moms, this was not a story about ourselves, but a story about our children.  PDT Couture soon came to life, colorful and telling, through beautiful, playful designs, sprung from the love of our daughters and our desire to make them feel special.  
And so the story of the "Addie & Ella" label began.  
After many long hours, it brings us such joy to share our designs with you and your little girls.  It is our vision to always create designs that are timeless yet fresh, comfortable while adorable, for wherever your day takes you.
A portion of our proceeds are donated to "Cottie and Cake", a division of our company dedicated to lifting the spirits of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) .  Using fabrics from our collections, we create soft colorful blankets to brighten the unit for babies and their loved ones.  As a nurse once said, "When you look good, you feel good!"  It is our hope that we make as many babies look good so they can feel good.
Mai-Lis Bahr & Meghan Hampton
Owners and Designers