Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Story about the Real Addie and Ella

When Addie and Ella hear a new package has arrived containing samples of clothing bearing their name, shrieks and giggle abound!  "Open it, open it" they say while bouncing around.  Once they finally stand still long enough to actually try something on, collectively they run away as fast as they know how when they spy the lens of the camera pointing their way.  As Addie once said, "I only like seeing my pictures in magazines.  I don't like doing the modeling part".   This quotation comes from the girl who also coined "When I grow up, I don't want to work because it takes too long".   The pictures that are finally captured do tell the story of two girls who actually like having their picture taken more than they realize.  From their mom's own lens, the one within watching the beautiful chaos of trying to capture a five year old and a three year old, something else is being captured.  Addie and Ella have no idea, as it is not something they can put into words.  A beautiful, caring, pure friendship is forming.  Naturally.  Like the one their own mothers share.  Undirected hugs and kisses take place in between shots that become shots, hands are held, laughter pours out like rain from the sky on a sunny day.  Whispers are heard like a faint wind.  They chat with each other, just like their moms do.  When a beautiful friendship is shared, it is even more beautiful and touching to see your children develop that same bond.  Addie and Ella are more than just two names united on a label, they are united in heart and spirit.  

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  1. I just want to tell you how much I love everything about your company and your girls.

    See, I have an Addie and Ella of my own. Ella is my six year old daughter, and Addie is my three year old niece, who is practically my daughter. Like your A&E, my A&E formed a pure and completely organic bond, which not even a crowbar could separate. They're more than friends, they're more than cousins, and I dare say they're even more than sisters. They're Addie and Ella.

    <3 <3