Sunday, July 10, 2011

It is hard to always live in the moment!

While most of us are juggling Summer 11, we are juggling this Summer, Fall AND Spring/Summer 2012 !  And while most of us think each season goes by entirely too quickly, we REALLY feel the rush!  In the midst of shipping out Spring/Summer merchandise, our minds are leaping ahead.  We have lived with the current season's designs for almost a year and quite frankly, we are ready to move onto the next collection.  Designing for the following Spring/Summer season begins during the current season.  With the rush of shipping out orders, comes the rush of transferring designs from thoughts to paper.  Our first Spring season did so incredibly well and we do not want to be a one-hit wonder.  We listened to customers and incorporated their feedback into the next season's designs.  Spring/Summer 2012 is as real to us now as it will be to you next year.  Our designs have been done, and redone, and done again and again.  And we are EXCITED!  Spring/Summer 2012 will bring some back some of our most loved designs, as well as introduce new pieces that are guaranteed to create a buzz.  Buyers for stores will soon see samples of our carefully designed collection, as the Spring/Summer 2012  markets begin in August.  As for the customer, you still have Fall 2011 to look forward to!!

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