Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mothering a Business

Having a business is a lot like having a child, so it's a good thing we have made them all interrelated!  We are both mothers and own a business in the children's market, so essentially we are in the business of children 24/7 and then some!  
We have all experienced the proverbial toddler who follows you around just to make her tantrum known. The minute you walk away, you hear screaming running in your direction only to throw herself under your next step.  How could so much noise come out of such a little body is what you find yourself asking.  The next question is how do I make it stop?  
A business screams just as a toddler might and even knocks you off your feet.  Just when you think all is calm and orderly, the screaming begins.  Unlike a toddler, walking away is not the cure.  With a business, it is important to pick it up, sooth it immediately and give it what it wants.
Children and business both challenge you to reroute yourself, to expect the unexpected, prepare for the worst, and embrace the best.  Milestones are reached when raising both and with each new milestone attained, new challenges arise.  
Motherhood has prepared us for the business world.  With both, we have shared many sleepless nights, joys, tears, and frustrations.  We have studied, networked, thrown out plans, made new plans, sacrificed, invested, listened to the screams, and come up with solutions.  Flexibility and determination to succeed are required in both business and in motherhood.  
And so we would like to thank our children, Addie, Ella, Carson, and Scottie for teaching us that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible.  Lastly, we would like to thank our fifth child, Addie & Ella, for making us stronger mothers, friends, and business owners.

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