Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wardrobe Assistant

A sundress or shorts?  Ballet flats or sandals?  Lace tank or ruffle tunic?  Capris or skort?  Headband or bow?  These are just some of the decisions that go on each morning of a girl's life.  Breakfast has not even been put on the table yet, metaphorically and literally!  No matter how you prepare her the night before, somehow the menu changes in the morning.  If you have a daughter like Addie (and Ella), you know exactly what I am talking about.  Mornings are not easy!  And truth be told, I am guilty of creating this beast, as she has watched me carefully select her outfit each day of her life.  By the age of two, I was being pushed aside to the position of wardrobe assistant.  The privilege of styling Addie was taken away: Addie came out of diapers and I was handed my demotion.  My job has since been merely handing clothes upon hangers to her and opening drawers.  On an average morning, I show her at least five options which are hung and rehung again and again.  There is a debate about the day's weather, the activities, her mood.  The phrase "I am not in the mood to wear that" has been uttered countless times.  My efforts to slip in one of my favorites have all gone awry.  Addie spots the unsolicited shirt and quickly states her disapproval.  In my effort to win back my position as master styler, I tell Addie stories of how I always wanted a little girl to dress.  Addie's reply is always short but with a sweet smile, "Mom, you can pick out whatever you want in a few days".  The few days rarely come but it's okay, as we are spending precious time together each morning.  Since they do grow up entirely too quickly, I will cherish all the moments she still willingly allows me in her room (including when the final selection is something completely mismatched).

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